Greeting Message to International Conference in Madrid Spain October 19, 2013

Glory to the International Conference, and Let us celebrate the Anniversaries of Great October and Chinese Revolutions!

May the International Conference in Madrid Spain on October 19, 2013 pave the way for successful debates within the ICM waging more two lines struggles!

May Maoism assume the command and guide of New Great Wave of World Proletarian Revolution!

Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!


Dear comrades and participants of glorious International Conference in Madrid Spain!


First of all, let us convey red salutes of comrades of Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist).
Communist Party of Ecuador (Reconstruction Committee) sent us an invitation email for participation in the International Conference. Regretfully due to insecure situation that we have here in Afghanistan, and due to technical challenges, we could not succeed to participate in the conference directly.
So, we are now sending you our message through red salutes and honor to the proletarian parties and organizations participating the Conference.
Millions of the working masses all over the world are in rebellion. They do not listen to what their bosses say anymore. But still they are not capable to dismiss corrupt administrations, and are not able to emancipate their selves. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism teaches us that the emancipation of the proletarian masses is only possible at their own hands. How do they find out to emancipate themselves?

Let‘s read Fredric Engels’s definition of communism:

“Communism is the doctrine of the condition of the liberation of the proletariat”.

And this is the Communist Party that leads the masses. This is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that is the scientific ideology of the international proletariat, and the Communist parties must uphold, defend and apply it waging people’s wars until complete liberation of the masses.

Imperialism is sinking in its final general and final crisis. The spontaneous struggles of the masses against imperialism and reaction demands vanguard parties of the proletariat, harnessed by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to win the battles, the battles of every day demands, and the political battles, mainly the battle for power, the power for the masses being led by proletariat. The main battle is that of the struggle for political power, and that power is won by waging people’s war to the end. Only the world people’s war will emancipate the toiling masses of the world, establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat in each country and marching by waging more people’s wars until communism.

The imperialists and other reactionary forces are all along the line, and are prepared to plunder the masses and the natural sources and wealth of the third world. They exploit the masses and make them more enslaved. Only the masses under victorious flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, with People’s Liberation Armies, can give birth to the most democratic formation of a united front, and the front, under leadership of the proletarian Maoist Party, can represent the interest of the masses. Only the new power, the power of the proletariat can save the world from the yoke of colonialisation and exploitation.

Only the New Democracy can represent the course of socialism and emancipation for the mankind.

Only socialist revolutions in the capitalist and imperialist countries can smash the machine of the old state, and establish the new power and new world.
The unification of the communist on world level, the reconstitution of the communist parties, and the initiation and development of people’s war in every country are the urgent and historical task of the communists of the world.

Revolutionary violence, not in a passive manner, but active revolutionary violence is the midwife of new power and new world. So, all communists must defend this very primary and basic thesis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and they must not fall into illusions of “peaceful transition”. Such “illusion” was what happened in Nepal. The Nepalese revisionists, under flag of Prachandism, betrayed the revolution, and followed the path of “peaceful transition” of renegade Khruscheuv.
Today, due to triumph of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ideologically and politically, the revisionists and neo revisionists mask themselves as “Maoists”. Communists must reveal the conspiracies and must disarm the traitors and  the revisionist conspirator masked as “Maoists”.

The people like Bob Avakian and Prachanda are the running-dogs of imperialism, and are the enemies of the masses, and their political affiliations have no connection with Maoism. The Communists must propagate explain to the masses how the revolution betrayed by Prachandists and centrists.

The imperialist plan of “peace accord” which was implemented in Peru, and Nepal, has an international dimension. The communists must oppose such plans and conspiracies through leading the masses through initiation and development of people’s war.

Communists must emphasize on the role and character of the communist parties as proletarian vanguard, as parties built to initiate and develop people’s war until communism.

Communists must defend the role of PCP and Chairman Gonzalo in defense of Maoism, as new, higher and third stage in Marxism. They must defeat the black campaigns made for isolation of PCP. The People’s War in Peru is the most advanced people’s war at the moment. Gonzalo Thought is the most advanced Guiding Thought, at the moment, and Chairman Gonzalo’s contributions to Marxism must be maintained and defended internationally.

The urgent task of all communist parties of the world is to move towards initiation of more people’s wars, and in those countries already in People’s war, to develop the people’s war.

Positive and negative aspects of the historical role of RIM must be reevaluated correctly, and we must focus on rehabilitation of ICM through formation of an International Maoist Center, the embryonic form of a Communist International.

In Afghanistan, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has been adopted by genuine Maoists as the guide and command of the revolution, and we fight for defeating the invaders, for overthrowing the puppet regime of Karzai, and our aim is to establish a state of New Democracy. These are only possible by waging a genuine protracted people’s war.

US imperialists and NATO coalition forces have invaded our country, and for more than a decade our country has been the victim of imperialists’ tyranny and exploitation. The colonialists have suppressed all democratic rights of the toiling people of Afghanistan. They have installed a puppet regime in Afghanistan, a regime that is a bourgeois-bureaucratic-comprador in class character, and is anti-popular state machinery that has nothing to offer but more suppression and more aggressive exploitations. We have lost our independence, and our people have been enslaved. Bureaucratic capitalism has no concern but to bury our people in more loans and more bankruptcy. Only during last year, 11 million people have lost the opportunity to go to schools and universities. Unemployment reaches to 40 percent, and almost the majority of the women are illiterate and uneducated. The prices are high, and most of the families cannot afford to satisfy even their food costs. Youth unemployment is a social problem that leads the young generation to migrate to abroad. The Taliban group, which is also a reactionary and Islamic extremist force, suppresses the masses, mainly in the countryside, where they are heavily exposing the mass lives.

The protracted unjust wars and invasion has resulted a tragedy, and that is the “spread” of mental disorders.  More than half of the population of Afghanistan belongs to the young generation, but despite having such a young people, mental disorders dominate due to loss of security and protracted unjust wars. The use of chemical weapons by Yankee imperialists and Co also resulted into the prevalence of many diseases.

One in five children suffers from psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

According to UNICEF, more than 30 percent of children elementary school age are working on the streets and are often the only breadwinners’ of their families!!! This is the “gift” of so called “democracy” and “war on terrorism” that US imperialists have brought to the people of Afghanistan.

The proletarians and the whole working class lack any trade unions, and the only legitimate “workers Union” is a state made “union” that has no influence among the masses of working people, and is only a formalist institution that has nothing to offer to the working masses, but more repressions in favor of bureaucratic capitalism. The heads of that union, come from Jihadists, and are anti popular and anti communists.

Contrary to the false claims of “maintain the rights of women”, the state machinery has sidelined the women, and there is no women’s movement and no feminist activism legitimate even within the boundaries of puppet regime. The jihadists and the Taliban do not allow any women’s radicalism. The invaders even commit gang rapes, and the women and children are the most victims of the invasion and puppet regime. The warlords have determined the black destiny and enslavement of the women, and those warlords are all backed by “central government” and are members of International Mafia, and are closely linked to I.S.I, C.I.A and other intelligent Services of expansionist and imperialist countries.

Due to the political domination of the remnant of feudalism, mainly the Jihadists and Taliban forces, woman cannot raise their voices. The bourgeois bureaucrats see their “legitimacy” in coalition with warlords and feuds, so they also suppress the voices of the women. Women do not raise their voice either due to the repressive legislature or due to lack of awareness and dominance of feudal minded warlords who do not allow the women to claim their rights. The anti women politicians and warlords always interpret the religious text on behalf of patriarchal hierarchy, and the Islamic tradition also backs this hierarchy.

Even the “United Nations Assistance Mission” who always propagates in favor of puppet “democracy” of Karzai regime, confesses that:
“Only a small number of cases of violence against women have been taken legal action under the Elimination of Violence against Women law, approved more than two years ago.”

The so called “Elimination of Violenceagainst Women Law” was also discarded this year by warlords and Jihadists who enjoy the chairs in puppet Parliament.  The women are suffering both from class exploitation and gender based violence and exploitation. What Fredrich Engels had told about women: the women are the proletariat of the household” is what has taken place here in Afghanistan.

Women are exposed to forced marriages, beating, rape, selling, illiteracy, murder, addiction, and trafficking, burning and self-burn, prostitution and buying.

Despite so called “counter-narcotics campaigns” that the imperialists and the puppet regime claims have un so far, the production of narcotics have reached a high pick, tens of folds more than the balance it measured at the time of downfall of Taliban Government by US-Co invasion.

Indeed, Afghanistan has transformed to a “safe yard” for production and flow of drugs to black markets, which favors the appetite of imperialists for more profit.
Billions of dollars have been smuggled and trafficked under false and untrue “claim” of “counter-narcotic campaign”, and indeed, the amount has been spent to pave the way for a “better” flow of drugs to the marketplace!

More than 1 Million Afghans are addict inside Afghanistan. According to an evaluation, if an individual spends 100 Afghanis (approximately equals to 2 US Dollars) a day using drugs, annually 730 millions of dollars are wasted in such a way! This means, Afghanistan, one of the most poverty stroke countries, alone in wasting money in consuming drugs, must lose such a big amount every year!

As mentioned above, cultivation of poppy after overthrow of Taliban regime, not only has not decreased, but has increase tens of times more than those days.
Today, Afghanistan is one of the 3 countries who have been announced as largest producers of opium.

90 % of the drugs consumed by the addicts worldwide is produced in Afghanistan. So, the so called “small producer” of drugs in Afghanistan, are closely tied and linked to the Mafia of Drug Trafficking internationally.

It is the high ranking officials of the puppet state that directly and indirectly are involved in production, trafficking and business of drugs internationally. They support the so called “small producers in Kilos”.

Poppy cultivation level under Hamid Karzai’s regime has walked through gigantic steps. After overthrow of Taliban Regime in 2001, the areas under poppy cultivation were 8 hectares. Taliban also had backed the cultivation of poppy. But let us see the false claims of “war on terror” who also had argued a “counter-narcotics campaign”:

Poppy cultivation level after Taliban’ regime was toppled in 2001 is shown as below :
In The year 2001- 8000 hectares of land areas were under poppy cultivation
In The year 2002-74000 hectares of land areas were under poppy cultivation
In the year 2003 80000 hectares of lands have cultivated with poppy
In the year 2004, 131000 hectares of land were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year 2005, 104000 hectares of land were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year 2006, 165000 hectares of lands were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year, 2007, 193000 hectares of lands were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year, 2008, 157000 hectares of lands were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year, 2009, 123000 hectares of lands were under poppy cultivation ;
In the year, 2010, 123000 hectares of lands were under poppy cultivation

The above mentioned figures clearly reveals the drug-trafficking character of the bourgeois-bureaucrat compradors in power, and it obviously discloses the Mafia elements in service of imperialist invaders who has totally transformed the Afghanistan farms into farms for cultivation of poppy. The last two years relative decrease is not due to any counter campaign, but more due to other reasons including seasonal or war atmosphere lack of opportunities that show a slight a relative decrease.
The small farmers whose “agriculture” has been programmed in cultivation of poppy, if being bankrupted for certain reasons, are those who has no opportunity but either to join the other reactionary front, the front of Taliban “rebels”, or to commit suicide. This was the case in Helmand, where three small bankrupt farmers, due to decrease in their poppy harvest, committed suicide!

So, we can see that the imperialists and their lackeys have systematized a cultivation of poppy agriculture.
Afghanistan long has been an agricultural country, with a peasantry in majority.

The bureaucratic capitalism that emerged in comprador form after invasion of Yankee-Co has emerged step by step from the ruins of an underdeveloped agriculture that emptied the place to Mafia agriculture of cultivation of poppy.

International Institution of Economics and Peace, based upon a research in 162 countries, has lately announced that: Afghanistan is the most insecure country of the world.”

Yes! Foreign invasion and puppet regime gave birth to this bureaucratic capitalist fake regime, which represents the No.1 insecure country in the world. So, the only appropriate and true answer to all these” misfortune” and instabilities, the best answer to striking poverty, is to wage a people’s war of liberation against invaders and reactionaries in power.

Another “gift” of the so called “world society” which represents itself in invasion of Afghanistan by Yankees and NATO force is that: Afghanistan has been announced the most corrupt country in the world.”

This is true but not about the country or its toiling masses. A correction is needed: Afghanistan’s regime is the most corrupt regime in the world!

The corrupt comprador economy which is sinking in foreign and imperialist loans has gone worse than ever, and shows 8 % decrease in “growth” compared to the year 2012.

In 2011, the cultivation of poppy increased to 150 hectares. (In 2010, as mentioned before, it was 123000 hectares) that harvested 3700 tons of poppy. So, the income of this production has always been a significant portion of so called “Gross National Production” of Afghanistan!!!


Jihadists (Islamic fundamentalist extremists) have been survived, even revitalized and revived by the Yankee-Co invasion, and they share the “Cake” with other puppets in power.

The democratic forces have all been sidelined and suppressed, and no communist force is legitimate and allowed to have political activity. The communists also have no illusion about the reactionary nature of the puppet regime, and they sure are that no legitimate political activity is reasonable within the framework of puppet constitution. Only some sections of revisionists have adopted themselves to the desire and “principles” of imperialists and have established their so called “democratic” parties under the banner of invaders and puppet legislatures.

Our organization, as an underground forces, believes that there is no and cannot be space for legitimate activity in an occupied country like Afghanistan. So, the underground work is the principal form of political activity in Afghanistan. We have been an underground organization for since our formation. And we continue to be. We are for people’s war, and our main work is to fight for waging a Protracted People’s war. We want to liberate our country, defeating the invaders and overthrowing the puppet regime. So, our coming step is to establish New Democracy and a People’s Republic of New Democracy in Afghanistan. This is what the toiling masses demand.

Today, the Avakianists and Nepalese “new” revisionists have betrayed the revolution. “Post-Maoist” agenda of Avakian is nothing more than capitulation and betrayal of a petit-bourgeois illusion. So, firm political stand against revisionism, neo revisionism and centrism is in order. All genuine Communist parties and organizations should fight against revisionism of renegade Prachanda, renegade Avakian, and against centrists who have capitulated and have replaced the People’s War with their so called “Model of fusion” and “people’s revolts”.

The struggle against centrism and cosmopolitan “Maoism” is the basic struggle that upholds, defends and applies Maoism as New, Higher and third stage in development of Marxism.

Imperialists want to create illusions and make black scenarios of “Peace Accords” and “Amnesty” dramas. These all paint the black of revisionism. Revisionists want to argue for “Maoism” but “Maoism” without people’s war, “Maoism” without application!

So, the ICM is only strengthened and purified by waging a two lines struggle fighting opportunism and centrism.
The Opportunist lines, either right or “left” serve the interest of imperialism and reaction.

The opportunists and neo revisionists argue for “Maoism” but“Maoism” only in word. Such“Maoism” denies the importance of Great Leaders and Great Leadership of People’s war, Great leadership of party and revolution. The revisionists and centrists deny the importance of guiding Thought, and they are against generation of Guiding Thought of revolution as creative application of universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism to the concrete condition of each country. Such denial brings about cosmopolitanism and pragmatism.

The revisionists are against Maoist thesis of Great leadership. They attack the principals of Maoism and call it Cult of Personality. The so called “Cult of individual” is a revisionist and bourgeois thesis that attacks the proletarian leadership of the ICM.

We uphold Chairman Mao’s great analysis of the so called “cult of individual”. Chairman Mao establishes that:

"There are two kinds of cult of the individual. One is correct, such as that of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and the correct side of Stalin. These we ought to revere and continue to revere forever. It would not do not to revere them. As they held truth in their hands, why should we not revere them? We believe in truth; truth is the reflection of objective existence. A squad should revere its squad leader, it would be quite wrong not to. Then there is the incorrect kind of cult of the individual in which there is no analysis, simply blind obedience. This is not right. Opposition to the cult of the individual may also have one of two aims: one is opposition to an incorrect cult, and the other is opposition to reverence for others and a desire for reverence for oneself. The question at issue is not whether or not there should be a cult of the individual, but rather whether or not the individual concerned represents the truth. If he does, then he should be revered. If truth is not present, even collective leadership will be no good. Throughout its history, our Party has stressed the combination of the role of the individual with collective leadership. When Stalin was demolished some people applauded for their own personal reasons, that is to say because they wanted others to revere them. Some people opposed Lenin, saying that he was a dictator. Lenin’s reply was straightforward: better that I should be a dictator than you!"

Our organization believes that Chairman Gonzalo is the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the face of earth. So, we announce that the ICM can only be revitalized and empowered by Chairman Gonzalo‘s contributions to International Communist Movement. He is the center of Unity of ICM.

PCP and MPP truly announce that he is People’s War until Communism.

Only militarized communist parties can wage people’s wars, and only concentric construction of the three magic weapons of revolution brings the emancipation of the masses under proletarian leadership. So, the ICM should be revitalized according to Chairman Gonzalo’s line. This will help smashing the Avakianist and Prachandist lines. There must be no space for centrism in ICM. Only a sound two lines struggle can pave the way for hegemony of genuine Maoist Organizations within the ICM. So, our organization calls for:

  1. Support Maoist forces all over the world
  2. Wage two lines struggle within the ICM.
  3. Militarized Maoist parties for waging people’s war
  4. Concentric construction of the three magic tools of revolution
  5. Emergence of guiding thoughts of revolution as the particular application of the universal truth o f Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
  6. Fight against imperialists “peace accords” and “amnesty” campaigns.
  7. Support people’s wars in Peru, Turkey, Filipines and India
  8. Waging more people’s war in all countries.
  9. Support revolutionary armed struggle of revolutionary forces and masses of the world , and to develop them to genuine peoples wars
  10. Defend the Maoist thesis of Great Leadership
  11. Call for generation of Guiding Thoughts as the heart of Maoism for creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete reality of each country.
  12. Fight Fascism and fascist and corportativist regimes of “third world” who falsely claim “socialism” and “socialism in twenty first century”
  13. Fight centrism and right and “left” opportunist lines
  14. Support the unity of ICM based in principals of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism
  15. People’s War until Communism

Glory to International Conference in Madrid Spain October 19, 2013
Long life Marxism-Leninism-Maoism principally Maoism
Long life the people’s war in Peru, which is the Most advanced people’s war at the moment
Long life people’s radicalism in Brazil, Turkey, Colombia and anywhere else!
It is right to rebel!
Long life the People’s wars in India, Turkey, and Fililpense
Down with Prachandism and centrism in Nepal!
Wage people’s war in Nepal and reestablish People’s power in Nepal!
Down with Avakianism and other revisionist trends!
Long life the revolutionary armed struggle of the people’s of the world!
Hands off Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq,Palestineand Mali!
No to intervention and invasion!
Hands off oppressed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America!
Down with bureaucratic Capitalist fascist regimes!
Fascism and reaction are all along the line!
Down with fascism and social chauvinism!
Down with imperialism and social imperialism!
No to Sub-imperialist coalition of BRICS!
Down with imperialism and invasion!
Long life New Democracy for oppressed masses of Asia, Africa and Latin America!
Long life Socialist proletarian revolution!
Wage people’s war until golden communism!

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)