Dear Comrade,

The people of Manipur want freedom and independence, and India wants to continue their colonial occupation. The people of Manipur have never accepted the Indian annexation. Several public resolutions and a National Convention have declared the Manipur Merger Agreement null and void having no legal and constitutional legitimacy as it was done under duress and not ratified by the State Assembly. This is the crux of the problem and the very root cause of the present Manipur-India Politico-Military Conflict. Comrade Irabot initiates a democratic movement against Indian expansionist policy since India start to occupy Manipur in 1948 and it continues an armed revolution to protect the sovereignty of Manipur by defaming the formation of Purbanchal Pradesh by the Indian imperialist.

Manipur, one of the occupied seven States in India’s North Eastern Region, is in deep social and political turmoil. The national liberation struggle to restore Manipuri sovereign independence and the massive counter-insurgency measures by the Indian State forces have resulted in a disturbing situation of armed conflict. Thousands of innocent peoples have been killed, hundreds have disappeared from custody, and many women have been raped by the Indian State forces in the process of ruthless counter-insurgency operations. The entire state is filled with personal tragedies of families who lost their sons & daughters, and with young men de-capacitated, maimed and psychologically shattered without renewable capacity for rehabilitation. The impact of the armed conflict is severely felt by women and children. The states productive forces, particularly women, had been undermined resulting in deep urban and rural poverty, thereby adding to the cycle of violence. The states productive forces, particularly women, had been undermined resulting in deep urban and rural poverty, thereby adding to the cycle of violence. The state which was self-sufficient in history is now reduced to a position of critical dependence on India’s doles, Complete loss of initiative for economic growth keeping the State as a captive market for India had perpetuated a system of colonialism which is undermining the basic parameters for dignified living of its citizens.

The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958) has been imposed in whole North East part of India and Jammu Kashmir to evict the revolutionary march. This act is a symbol of racialists’ nature of the imperialist India. The people of Manipur has been witness a thousands of innocent lives were killed and hundreds of women were raped by the Indian Colonial Forces. Miss Irom Chanu Sharmila has been fasting last ten years as a mark of protest. Five Volunteers of Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) had attempt to self immolated during the course of people protest to annul the colonial acts. The draconian law, Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 has been in force in Manipur for over fifty years now. This Act empowers and gives immunity even to a Non-Commissioned Officer of the Indian military forces to arrest or shoot to kill anybody on mere suspicion and such acts cannot be challenged in a court of law. This Act has emboldened the Indian State forces to commit summary executions, enforced disappearances, rapes and killings in fake encounters with impunity. In short, this Act has legalized Indian State Terrorism.
India has been using brute military force to suppress the legitimate aspirations of our people. Today Manipur is highly militarized with 70,000 plus Indian military and Para-military forces deployed against the indigenous population of just about 1.6 million. This amounts to one Indian soldier for every twenty-five locals. The Manipur state government can do nothing against an army rifleman without getting permission from the imperialist Union of India. Even so, taking advantage of being the largest democracy in the world, India has manipulated to present the state of affairs in Manipur as simple law and order problem. But in reality, Manipur is now under Indian martial law.
Now Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) fights for the Rights of Self Determination of Manipuri Peoples. MAFYF believe that there will be peace and justice when we form a socialist Republic in Manipur.

Long Live Manipur
Long Live Revolution
Yours’ Comradely,

Sapamcha kangleipal
Manipur Forward Youth Front
Manipur, (India)